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Constant Friction Mount Tablet Cradle Power Supply Visual Awareness System Tray

The Constant Friction Mount

The first FAA STC approved Class 2 EFB Mounting System for Transport Category Aircraft.





The Constant Friction Mount (CFM) was specifically designed for EFB applications.  The CFM is capable of rotating 360o at 20o tilt angle, all with the ease of a single hand.  The CFM has been certified in various STC's, with AEG approval.  Installed and operating since 2005 with proven results for ruggedness and reliability.


  • Single Hand Operation
  • Low Profile Design
  • 360o Rotation
  • 20o Tilt Angle
  • 2.5" FWD and Aft Adjustment (Slide Mount)
  • Rugged and Reliable
Aircraft STC
Airbus 319/320/321 ST03335AT
Boeing 737/600/700/800 ST03165AT
Boeing 747 STC Pending
Boeing 757 200/300 ST03133AT
Boeing 767  200/300 ST04003AT
Boeing 777 200/300 ST04000AT
Embraer 145/170/190 Pending
McDonnell Douglas MD-10/MD-11 ST03327AT
Lockheed L382G ST03600AT

 Tablet Cradle


The swivel mount was specifically designed for EFBs that are to be mounted on the existing Aircraft structure. This mount and variations of this mount has been certified on various STCs, with AEG approval, and proven to be very rugged and reliable.

The swivel mount comprises of a mount member that has a top face and a bottom face. Portions of the plates are configured to engage portions of a mounting surface within the cockpit of an Aircraft. The mount is designed where frictional contact is constant with portions of the respective mount base and containment member. This allows freedom of movement without loosening or tightening the mount manually and allows the Pilot the best viewing angle.

Visibility was the key in positioning the Electronic Flight Bag Display in this location, this allows the Pilot to not have an obstructed view thru the window during taxiing, and any critical phase of flight. Due to the mount’s designed being constant friction the Pilot is able to change the viewing angle during Aircraft maneuvers due to glare on the display with one hand while keeping control of the Aircraft with the other hand. No levers, adjustment screws, or pressure switches are used to change the viewing angle of the EFB. An effortless one handed movement is used at one of the corners of the EFB is all you need to change your viewing angle, making the CF Mount the easiest to use for Aviation.

The Tablet Cradle is designed with a Quick Release Spring Mechanism to allow the tablet to be easily removed. Together with our cfMount makes it the smart solution to mount the tablet to the aircraft.


Panasonic Toughpad Cradle

IPad Cradle with lock & Power Supply

 Power Supply

The Integrated Power Supply (IPS) is constructed from aviation grade aluminum and houses high reliability DC-DC and EMI circuitry with current limit protection, short circuit protection, input under voltage lockout, soft start output and inhibit shutdown. The IPS is a 5 volt 3 amp power source. It has two D-Sub mating connectors, one to mate with the Connector Docking Assembly (CDA) and the other for input connection of 28vdc, grounds, USB or RS232 from the aircraft systems. The IPS will also have a manual power interrupt via an Annunciator On/Off switch conveniently located within the cockpit. The IPS may also be used as a standalone power supply.

Depending on Tablet we have several units available.

Video Awareness System

visual awareness system

The Video Control Display Unit (VCDU) provides display and control of all installed cameras and annunciation for the Crew Alert warning system. The VCDU is capable of monitoring up to six cameras. It has a built-in Crew Alert system allowing flight attendants to discretely notify the pilots of any incidents in progress. The VCDU is designed to mount in any standard Dzus panel.





asg tray

ASG's custom  designed  trays for Avionics  Equipment  are  engineering in accordance with customer specifications or requirements. We can also ship the trays terminated with integrated wire and coax cables, ready for





  For additional information please visit:  www.cfmount.com   &   www.electronicflightbags.com

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