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headquartersASG is a premier FAA-PMA approved Avionics Systems Integration & Manufacturing company. ASG's competitive advantage can provide your  company with a  true Single Source Solution for avionics engineering, manufacturing, aircraft system installation, STC's, video surveillance, and much more. Contact ASG today to learn how ASG's Single Source Solution can work for your company!

Company Profile
Experienced Team:    
-FAA DER -Electrical Engineers -FAA Mandates  
-Kit Manufacturing -FAR DAR -Avionics Engineers  
-FCC technicians -Harness Manufacturing -FAA DMIR  
-Structural Engineers -Experienced Installations -A&P .Mechanics  
Leaders in:

-Electronic Flight Bag Certifications

-Satcom Solutions
-Tablet Cradles
-Tablet Power Supplies
EFB Mounting Solutions

ASG Corp. Headquarters - 13155 SW 132nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33186  -  PH: (305) 378-9786 - Fax: (305) 378-9726

FAA-PMA Approved